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Paul Golding: Simplexity Blog

Making Complex Things Simple Without Fearing the Complex

I started blogging from the onset of the weblog (as it was originally called). I am working on porting my entire archive to this site. For now, only recent posts are available. However, I seldom blog as it has very little ROI and time is my most precious asset. I let my projects speak for me, plus I get all my work via referrals and reputation.

Being Puzzled By Simple Things Will Save Us the ability to be puzzled by simple things.I am often staggered by how some folks appear to think that the opportunities for innovation are somehow narrowing due to intense market competition and low barriers to entry for technology.  Nothing could be further...

5 Reasons Digital Transformation Fails

You're not as smart as you think you are.Most of my work takes place within the context of an "Innovation Lab" or similar program that is often part of a wider transformation effort. Within that rubric, I have observed many common maladies that thwart innovation and...

Using AI to Detect Personality (for financial services)

Applications to Personalized Financial ServicesWith recent advances in AI towards language understanding (LU), there is increased enthusiasm for digital marketing applications. I recently explored an application in personalization of financial services by detecting...

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