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Paul Golding: Simplexity Blog

Making Complex Things Simple Without Fearing the Complex

I’ve been blogging since the invention of the weblog (as it was originally called). I am working on porting my entire archive to this site. For now, only recent posts are available as an illustration of my thought process. I seldom blog, preferring to let my projects speak for me. Also, I don’t write technical articles, except for patent applications.

100-of-10 Rule for AI

Or, why you should bet everything on AI. It is common to use heuristics to frame innovation. Whilst this can easily tend towards a kind of bias wherein the heuristic becomes more precious than the execution, it is hard to cope with lots of ideas and data without...

Learn Selling, not Fads

Why fads are best ignored.As a hands-on, no-nonsense practitioner of innovation, I feel it's "on brand" to warn my audience, if one exists, of the bullshit that pretends to be business theory. There's always a management fad, like "Disruption", "Business Canvas",...

Being Puzzled By Simple Things Will Save Us the ability to be puzzled by simple things.I am often staggered by how some folks appear to think that the opportunities for innovation are somehow narrowing due to intense market competition and low barriers to entry for technology.  Nothing could be further...

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