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Paul Golding: Simplexity Blog

Making Complex Things Simple Without Fearing the Complex

I started blogging from the onset of the weblog (as it was originally called). I am working on porting my entire archive to this site. For now, only recent posts are available. However, I seldom blog as it has very little ROI and time is my most precious asset. I let my projects speak for me, plus I get all my work via referrals and reputation.

Transformers (Code-level Commentary)

I seldom, if ever, write technical posts. There are just too many excellent resources out there and my goal isn't to explain technical things to a technical audience, as much as I enjoy teaching from time to time, or giving the odd guest lecture. But I made an exception whilst perusing the...

Don’t Ignore AI in a Downturn

I recently wrote a guest blogpost ("Five Misconceptions about AI That Are Slowing Down Your Business") on the wonderful Stephen Shapiro's Innovation Insights website. It was motivated by two experiences. The first was an indirect encounter with a CEO who declared that AI is a kind of luxury, as if...

100-of-10 Rule for AI

Or, why you should bet everything on AI. It is common to use heuristics to frame innovation. Whilst this can easily tend towards a kind of bias wherein the heuristic becomes more precious than the execution, it is hard to cope with lots of ideas and data without narratives. One such heuristic is...

Learn Selling, not Fads

Why fads are best ignored.As a hands-on, no-nonsense practitioner of innovation, I feel it's "on brand" to warn my audience, if one exists, of the bullshit that pretends to be business theory. There's always a management fad, like "Disruption", "Business Canvas", "Design Thinking" and, more...

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