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Chief-Scientist "In-Residence"

A remote retainer package designed for dynamic leaders who need an outside view on advanced technology and techniques, inc AI.


A remote retainer package with unlimited access to my experience to guide your executive team with technically-challenging problems and related technology decisions. I provide an “out-brain” perspective. I’ve spent an entire career on the innovative edge of many technologies. I am an award-winning hands-on technologist with over 30 patents in significant computation fields, committing code to various projects. 


My clients appreciate straight-talking, yet polite, intervention from someone removed from internal agendas and politics. I am good at distilling latest tech and how to apply it using plain-speaking explanations. My ability to guide in the right direction has made, or saved, my clients single-, double- and even triple-digit millions.


I tend to be valuable to the following sorts of leaders.

1. Technical leaders (e.g. CTOs, CIOs) who are trying to adopt new technologies, like AI/ML/Data-Fabric, but lack depth. If you already have the cachet to attract competent experienced AI/ML practitioners, then you most likely don’t need my services to begin with. Leaders often don’t know the landscape well enough to guide their technology investments. My value is in the overall shaping of technology adoption/rollout in order to de-risk decisions. If need be, I can get hands-on and pioneer the adoption of leading-edge techniques. I have built many AI/ML/Compute solutions.

2. Business leaders (e.g. CEO, CMO) who are trying to solve business problems via the application of cognitive technologies like AI, Machine Learning and other forms of advanced computation. Your knowledge of the domain is via anecdotes (e.g. HBR articles, AI biz books and so on) but with insufficient on-staff expertise to guide adoption. Your business might already be quite technical, but not very hands-on with cutting edge technologies and techniques. Your scenario could be digital transformation or innovation — I am familiar with both.

The Package

Typically, 1-2 elected individuals gain unlimited access to advice via email and Voxer (a voice messaging service) for a rolling 6 months to discuss innovation efforts, plus a monthly 1:1 check-in. Conversations are advisory in nature and do not include the creation of any documents, proposals or other hands-on project work. All work is done remotely – and asynchronously. Real-time meetings, remote or in-person, are charged extra.

The package can be augmented with consulting work, if necessary.

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