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Chief-Technologist "In-Residence"

A remote retainer package designed for dynamic teams


A remote retainer package with unlimited access to my experience to guide your team in technically-challenging problems. I provide “out-brain” perspective. Remember, besides having spent an entire career on the innovative edge of many technologies, I am an award-winning hands-on technologist with over 30 patents in significant computation fields, committing lines of code to various projects on a daily basis. I am not a hand-waving “innovation theorist”.


The medicine many of my clients need is a kind of straight-talking “intervention” service from someone who doesn’t give a sh*t about internal agendas and politics that stymie projects. My ability to guide in the right direction and, often more importantly, steer away from blind alleys (often due to vanity- or passion-project mentality) has literally saved many clients single-, double- and sometimes triple-digit millions.


Some clients are more in need of my services than others. I tend to be of most value to the following sorts of clients.

1. Technical leaders (e.g. CTOs) who are trying to adopt new technologies, like AI/ML/Data-Science, via in-house staff who are climbing the learning curve and via new hires, but fairly junior. If you already have the cachet to attract competent experienced AI/ML practitioners, then you most likely don’t need my services to begin with. The issue leaders face is not knowing the landscape well enough to guide the technology investments and see the wood for the trees with technology adoption and vendor decisions. My value here is often in the overall shaping of technology adoption/rollout in order to de-risk your decisions, assistance with staff training approaches and in technical project overview, even zooming down to technical details (see note 1). I have built many AI/ML solutions and can navigate the terrain far more efficiently than novice staff members.

2. Business leaders (senior budget-holding stakeholders) who are trying to solve business problems via the application of innovation schemes that are likely to benefit from the use of cognitive technologies like AI, Machine Learning and other forms of advanced computation. Your knowledge of the domain is general appreciation of the field via anecdotes (e.g. HBR articles, AI biz books and so on) but with no on-staff experts who have climbed the tech-adoption curve. Your business could already be highly technical, such as a mobile operator, or more traditional, but not hands-on with new technologies except via vendors who claim to have embedded such technologies into their offerings (that you may already be locked into). Your scenario could be digital transformation (of existing business lines) or innovation (into new business lines) — I am familiar with both, but more comfortable with the latter.

The Package

It’s simple — there is only one option. Two individuals gain unlimited access to me via email and Voxer (a voice messaging service) for 6 months to discuss innovation efforts. They can use me as a sounding board, to intervene where requested, to provide additional insights as changes are implemented, and to help fine-tune from a third-party “out-brain” perspective. These conversations are advisory in nature and do not include the creation of any documents or detailed reviews. All work is done remotely – and asynchronously.


1. I can code, architect and deploy AI/ML/DS solutions. My expertise is often in the interpretation of novel approaches into working solutions that are not available via “cut and paste” code online or open source libraries. There is also a tremendous gap between the many openly available examples and a viable working solution for the specific problem at hand. However, this is not offered in this retainer service, nor is any hands-on review of technical specifics.

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