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AI-First Transformation.

I help companies leverage proprietary technology, especially AI, to solve complex business problems. As a hands-on inventor of AI tools and methods, I bring a unique perspective.

I am an IEE prize winner with numerous deep-tech patents. I have pioneered successful projects in many orgs, from high-tech spin-outs at UC Berkeley to Fortune 500s. My early work in mobile chip design earned  various accolades including a US “genius” residence. 

Checkout some of my projects.

I have  patents and notable industry firsts  in AI, Blockchain,  Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Computational Aesthetics, Digital Marketing and Analytics.

I have executed projects globally for:  Sitecore, Microsoft, Google, Motorola, O2, McLaren Racing, Vodafone, 3 UK, Acision,, Navteq (Nokia), B&Q, Credit Suisse, Naspers, IBM, Telefonica, Ericsson, Prosper  LLC, Lucent Technologies.

Why hire me?

Unlike many “transformation” consultants, I offer the rare combination of critical business analysis and deep technical understanding. 

I am strong in both design and systems thinking, with an exemplary product development background.

How do I work?

I communicate clearly, avoid jargon, and am data-driven and pragmatic.

I can work with a blank slate and provide ongoing support as a “technologist in residence”, leading an agile lab or innovation team, from small to large.



I  have a track record of creating novel solutions across a wide set of industry problems from digital art to fintech to racing cars. I use design-driven innovation to reinvent products or even entire business lines via the application of advanced technology, especially AI.

Business Minded

I learned from the legendary Tom Peters about the art of business. There is nothing new to add to his insights, despite modern riffs like “Lean”. I am not a technologist for technology’s sake. I mean business and will talk your business language as best I can.

Hands On

I am not an “innovation theorist” armed with sticky-notes and fancy frameworks. I produce tangible, well researched outputs: I can propose, design, architect and build. My track record in technical execution is backed by many satisfied clients and numerous project and patent achievements.

Data- and Design-Driven

I come from a signal processing background,  so data-processing is my “first language.” I am very much a “data person”. However, I am well schooled in “design thinking” and related disciplines. I prefer to fuse data-driven “bottom-up” analysis with “top-down” design-driven innovation.


I identify opportunities for AI transformation by utilizing my expertise in data-driven analysis, critical reasoning, and user research, backed by deep hands-on understanding of the tech. I pinpoint where the latest and emerging technologies, especially AI, will produce maximum leverage.

I also collaborate with design-thinking experts, like Rick Lewis (ex-Ideo Braun Prize winner) to interpret key customer insights.

I construct a landscape of pertinent themes where AI and other deep tech could provide leverage. Optionally, I can develop a concise plan for implementation with a range of time-frames.

I sometimes act as “resident technologist” to provide support in various forms, including leading an “Innovation Lab” to build key proprietary components for maximum leverage.

1. Establish the true mandate.

What do you *really* want? This is always the starting point. Everyone says “we want to get better at X” but seldom do they articulate useful constraints where technology might assist. Via conversations with executive sponsor(s), I tease out and scope the true innovation mandate, which is often a tricky process. If I don’t see a meaningful mandate, I walk away. I have no desire to get paid $$$ for work that will not translate into value. I have plenty of research projects of my own to keep me busy.

2. Capabilities discovery

Clients know their business the best, but often via a biased and historically diffused set of filters. I tease out current capabilities so that I can begin to fit technological innovations. This includes a kind of “digital what-if” — if X (e.g. “Generative AI” is the digital future of Y (“website design”) then how might that impact our view of the (website) business?

3. Map a digital landscape

I develop an independent view of the applicable digital landscape, unearthing scope and limits. For example, if the core of a business is essentially aggregating data, then I map the logical limits of aggregation when applying novel technology. Are the limits informational, process, speed, or something else? I explore these limits in order to interpret options, repeating this over a range of core business processes to construct a digital landscape of possible tech-led futures.

4. Develop a design framework

Using design-driven innovation, I interpret meanings of a current product and translate them into technological ideas. For example, perhaps a financial loan product is really an “insurance policy” in the mind of its users. In which case, the “insurance properties” of that product become its design-driven purpose. We can then explore this emergent theme of “insurance” by re-imagining it via proprietary technologies, especially AI.

5. Synthesis and Execution

Finally, I synthesize the above steps into a set of digital tech initiatives and make some proposals, all aimed at execution. If appropriate, I take a position as “Resident Technologist” to oversee the project, which often includes core inventive hands-on work (inc. patents) and running a team to build something.

Paul Golding: Intrapreneur

I am a highly accomplished technologist with a record of delivering exceptional results for esteemed clients. I have a proven track record of interpreting and creating cutting-edge technological futures through the use of advanced computation, including AI, IoT, and Data Fabrics.. [See my projects.]

I bring specialized technical knowledge to organizations, and often refer to myself as a “Technologist in Residence” to reflect this. However, my focus is often on driving new business opportunities from within the organization, making the term “intrapreneur” a fitting alternative description of my role. 

I am a results-driven technologist, not a consultant who just provides theories and frameworks. I have a long list of technical accomplishments, but always make sure to apply them within a practical business context.

With a background in Electronic Engineering and Signal Processing, honed through designing silicon-chips for Motorola, I am a seasoned veteran in the technology industry. I was the youngest recipient of the coveted Patent of the Year award from Motorola, for my pioneering work in silicon DSP co-processor designs that enabled the commercial scaling of digital cellular (GSM).

I founded Europe’s first mobile apps company, and built many mobile services for top clients and telcos. I authored one of the first mobile apps textbooks (Wiley) and helped establish the mobile app category. I created the first fully over-the-air mobile email system for Microsoft Exchange, pre-Blackberry.

Working alongside Google, Motorola and Sun engineers, I was one of only a handful of individual expert members of the Java Community Process that invented the original mobile app framework (MIDP) — the precursor to Android.

I have chosen the path of consulting to carefully select the projects I take on. I have held a variety of interim roles, such as Chief Architect/Scientist, Head of R&D, and “Technologist in Residence.”

I built my expertise in silicon R&D through EU-sponsored post-grad research on 3D compression for Augmented Reality at the renowned University of Southampton mobile labs.

I have had the privilege to work with some of the most innovative and exciting companies in their respective industries, such as O2, McLaren Racing, Prosper, Sitecore, Navteq, and helped many of them to become more technology-driven.



Passionate, bright and filled with big ideas and most importantly a whole systems thinker

Ivy Ross, VP Hardware (Google)

A pretty unique bundle. A deeply experienced hands on technologist, a strategic thinker that understands the challenges facing both large and small businesses

James Parton, Europe GM (Twilio)

Paul has a brilliant grasp of the technical opportunities open to the mobile industry and a real passion for driving breakthrough change

Derek McManus, COO (O2 UK)

His knowledge and experience is as vast as his drive and thirst for uncovering what is possible with the latest technologies

Jason Cale, Product Design (Facebook)

Unique, different, diverse, challenging, direct, open and a total disregard for the “norms” in any situation

Tracy Isacke, MD (Silicon Valley Bank)

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