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Accelerate with AI

Accelerate your AI journey from 0 to 1 with AI-first strategies and solutions. 

We have executed globally:  Sitecore, Motorola, O2, McLaren Racing, Vodafone, 3 UK, Acision,, Navteq, B&Q, Credit Suisse, Naspers, IBM, Telefonica, Ericsson, Prosper  Marketplace, Lucent Technologies.

Our principal is AI pioneer Paul Golding,  IEE-prize winner with 30+ patents. He has built six R&D centers using AI, founded start-ups and launched numerous digital products.

Why hire us?

We know AI, from strategy to code, which we believe makes a difference. 

We combine design and systems thinking with product-centric focus on value.

We have operating models for sustained business value from AI.

How do we work?

No jargon or management consulting concepts.

Focus on value to your business.

Identify key AI levers in your business and then make detailed proposals.

Want to know the impact of ChatGPT on your business?
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AI Strategy

We interpret the strategic application of AI to your business, impacting:


  • Corporate strategy
  • Product and marketing innovation
  • Operational excellence
  • CIO data strategy and product-centric IT

AI Acceleration

We can accelerate adoption of AI:


  • Readiness and awareness
  • Key use-case identification
  • Integrating AI into product streams
  • Custom AI development (PoC to MVP)

Talks & Workshops

Talks and workshops for leadership teams. Onsite or virtual. Fixed fee.


  • Applying AI (inc. ChatGPT) to different innovation types in the enterprise
  • AI and Data strategy
  • Custom workshops/talks

We don’t just talk AI: we do AI.

We have delivered many commercial AI solutions.


Passionate, bright and filled with big ideas and most importantly a whole systems thinker

Ivy Ross, VP Hardware (Google)

A pretty unique bundle. A deeply experienced hands on technologist, a strategic thinker that understands the challenges facing both large and small businesses

James Parton, Europe GM (Twilio)

A brilliant grasp of the technical opportunities open to the mobile industry and a real passion for driving breakthrough change

Derek McManus, COO (O2 UK)

Knowledge and experience is vast, as drive and thirst for uncovering what is possible with the latest technologies

Jason Cale, Product Design (Facebook)

Unique, different, diverse, challenging, direct, open and a total disregard for the “norms” in any situation

Tracy Isacke, MD (Silicon Valley Bank)

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