Paul has worked for a large number of clients and stands by his work. Below is only a sample of testimonials across a range of projects and clients. For a more comprehensive list, see Paul’s LinkedIn profile.

Paul is a rare combination of a mobile developer, tinkerer, entrepreneur and mobile industry insider. He has a thorough and diligent approach to his work, while being personable and a pleasure to work with. Paul shines when it comes to developer experience analysis, Mobile 2.0 and helping the industry understand the world of 3rd party developers.
– Andreas Constantinou, Director, Vision Mobile.

Unique, different, diverse, challenging, direct, open and a total disregard for the “norms” in any situation. How much fun is that! I can honestly say it has (and I hope will continue) to be a pleasure to engage in find in new and different solutions to problems with Paul. I love his energy, passion and zest for life and work. He is awesome!
– Tracy Isacke, Director New Biz and Ventures, Telefonica.

Paul is a great guy and I’ve learnt a lot from working with him on various incubator projects. Not only has he an amazing level of up-to-date technical knowledge, but he also possesses the business accumen to truely innovate and create shareholder value.
– Stephen Pilkington, Head of Finance, O2 UK.

There are very few consultants/technolgists I would recommend more highly than Paul in the Mobile data industry. His depth and breadth of knowledge in this sphere is phenomenal.
– Ajit Jaokar, CEO Future Text Publishing.

Paul has a brilliant grasp of the technical opportunities open to the mobile industry and a real passion for driving breakthrough change. A pleasure to work with.
– Derek McManus, COO, O2 UK.

Paul Golding is one of the true deep thinker experts of our industry. He has written one of the must-read books. I’ve worked with Paul when he was at Motorola where we have delivered collaborative projects for Motorola customers and also in training Motorola’s engineering staff. I’ve found Paul incredibly insightful, a hard worker and one of the most intelligent minds for the future of mobile telecoms.
–¬†Tomi T Ahonen, Author, Consultant and Public Speaker, Tomi Ahonen Consulting.

Paul’s an expert technologist with an invaluable ability to work closely with people from a broad array of business disciplines. But more importantly, Paul has an exceptionally strong strategic and commercial sense, and a pragmatic view on what to focus on to really drive the business forward.
–¬†Adam Connolly, Senior Strategy Manager, O2 UK.

Paul is a very stimulating + insightful public speaker + certainly managed to explain complex concepts in a concise and simple manner.
– Karl Good, Apple Inc.


Paul has an uncanny ability to draw a bigger picture from any concept and an enthusiasm to present it well. I’m sure we’ll be seeing ideas that Paul developed coming to life for many years to come..
– Alex Linde, Director Mobile Advertising, Yahoo.

Paul is one of the best technology consultants I have ever worked with. His mastery of the technology for both mobile and converged solutions combined with a deep understanding of the telecoms, media and entertainment industries, from infrastructure to consumer applications, make him ideally suited to partner for innovation projects…If you want radical thinking for a creative solution while keeping a pragmatic focus for execution, Paul would be an ideal choice to facilitate the innovative process.
– Geoff McGrath, Managing Director, McLaren Applied Technologies.

Paul is a highly energetic individual that can make complex concepts understandable. He is an excellent out-of-the-box thinker and a real visionary, plus he can deliver on his ideas.
– Dick Snyder, Director Marketing, Lucent Technologies.

I’ve worked closely with Paul on several of pioneering projects at O2 over the last two years and I can only praise the transformation that Paul has brought to my own thinking as well as the changes that he has driven at O2. Paul is an incredibly passionate and insightful web innovator. He is at the cutting edge of web development & thinking in lots of areas and has an incredible ability to engage anyone in the latest web thinking.
– Robert Franks, Senior Strategy Manager, O2 UK.


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