Why use Paul?

Let’s get real – you don’t want workshops, proposals, presentations, meetings, brainstorms, white papers and other classic forms of consulting intervention!

These things, of themselves, are worthless and peripheral. You want to achieve an outcome that drives success and happiness, like:

  1. An actionable product strategy that will take your company into new growth areas.
  2. An invigorated and motivated technology team who understand how to leverage modern Web/Mobile paradigms to improve your business.
  3. Clarity in understanding trends so that you know where to focus your precious resources.
  4. A fresh and aggressive technology strategy for the next 2-3 years that will fuel the board’s desire to move into new growth areas and compete with disruptive forces in the market.
  5. A plausible and executable plan to maximise your investment in new technologies.
  6. A cogent, ambitious and innovative plan to maximise your acquisition of a new company.
  7. A disruptive product strategy.
  8. A product strategy that you can build a plausible growth strategy upon.
  9. A motivated leadership team who feel confident to adopt new technologies.
  10. A winning product and technology vision that the board can rally around and back with impunity.
  11. A rigorous and robust challenge to thinking that will transform the corporate mindset in readiness for new growth programs and challenges.

All of the above outcomes are what Paul seeks to deliver in his consulting engagements. He is not interested in billing for the completion of tasks, especially those peripheral to actual work of shipping results! PaulĀ does not “do workshops,” he strengthensĀ and invigorates companies.

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