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Paul Golding: Simplexity Blog

Making Complex Things Simple Without Fearing the Complex

I started blogging from the onset of the weblog (as it was originally called). I am working on porting my entire archive to this site. For now, only recent posts are available. However, I seldom blog as it has very little ROI and time is my most precious asset. I let my projects speak for me, plus I get all my work via referrals and reputation.

Puzzled by Simple Things

Or, the power of asking Why.Problems often involve complex solutions, yet the history of science tells us that breakthrough ideas come from our ability to be puzzled by simple things. Perhaps the same is true of industry. I have built many highly-complex solutions for a variety of applications...

Back (to the future) story.

We all have a back story. Sharing them helps others to understand our motivations, circumstances and achievements in context. My story is below and is probably TLDR, but let me tell it anyway... You might want to read my definition of technology, but I mostly invent technologies and...

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