About Paul

Paul is hired by CxOs to enable and provoke radical innovation for digital products and services. He specializes in setting up “Labs” inside of existing companies and providing them with an aggressive product vision.

He is a highly accomplished world-class consultant, entrepreneur and author with 23 years of high-impact results for leading companies in the mobile and Web ecosystem, including Art.com, O2, Telefonica, McLaren, Acision, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Navteq and many more.

Paul is frequently hired to lead radical innovation programs, product teams and related “labs” initiatives. He has successfully started labs projects for Art.com, O2, Telefonica, McLaren Applied Technologies, Lucent Technologies and Motorola.

Paul has 16 patents and has invented many successful products for his clients, from silicon chips to entire cloud platforms. He has recently helped a client to draft fundamental patents in the area of machine intelligence and novel search techniques related to color.

Paul moved to Silicon Valley after being awarded an Extraordinary Ability visa by the US gov. Before moving to the US, he co-founded AlphaPunk, a design agency in the UK that specializes in creative design and video for tech companies, especially those involved with developer ecosystems and venture financing.

Paul’s case studies, testimonials, books and profile (LinkedIn) speak for themselves. Find our more about what Paul does, or make contact today.

If your company is stuck and requires an injection of fresh and disruptive thinking, contact Paul to discuss how he can take your venture or product to the next level. Beyond just a visionary thinker and creative problem solver, he is a hands-on architect and leader of numerous success stories and wins for his clients. He can walk, talk and kick ass at the same time.

Karl Good
Paul is a very stimulating + insightful public speaker + certainly managed to explain complex concepts in a concise and simple manner.
Karl Good Apple Inc.
Richard Snyder
Paul is a highly energetic individual that can make complex concepts understandable. He is an excellent out-of-the-box thinker and a real visionary, plus he can deliver on his ideas.
Richard Snyder Director, Lucent Technologies
Paul is a rare combination of a mobile developer, tinkerer, entrepreneur and mobile industry insider. He has a thorough and diligent approach to his work, while being personable and a pleasure to work with.

– Andreas Constantinou PhD, Director, Vision Mobile

There are very few consultants/technolgists I would recommend more highly than Paul in the Mobile data industry. His depth and breadth of knowledge in this sphere is phenomenal.

– Ajit Jaokar, CEO, FutureText Publishing

  • Awarded Extraordinary Ability Visa to work in US as recognised global industry expert
  • 16 Patents related to mobile silicon technology plus many others now lapsed
  • Motorola Patent of the Year – Multiple nominations
  • Motorola Low-Power Design Innovation Award (for novel use of async logic)
  • Von-Nostrand Rheinhold Innovation Award
  • IEE Prize for outstanding achievement in Electronic Engineering
  • Authored Wiley’s best-selling book about mobile applications (one of the first written)
  • Founded world’s first mobile apps company (pre-Java, pre iPhone)
  • Built world’s first fully wireless sync client for Microsoft Exchange (when Blackberry only had email sync, no calendar or addr book)
  • World’s first 2-factor authentication WAP product on market (as used by Credit Suisse bank)
  • World’s first SMS-email gateway (as used by Lucent Technologies, now Alcatel Lucent)
  • World’s first mobile portal (designed for NTT DoCoMo and Lucent Technologies/Netscape partnership)
  • Used Microsoft COM (ActiveX) technology to dynamically update HTML (what’s now called AJAX)
  • World’s first attempt to design a mobile virtual reality system (in the early 90s during his Motorola-funded PhD research at the University of Southampton)