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Paul’s most recent work and his first major engagement since moving to Silicon Valley in January 2012. Paul has been hired by the CTO/CEO to work on the technology vision and radical innovation strategy. Paul is currently Director of Labs and Chief Scientist., based in Emeryville (Silicon Valley) is an international first-generation success story with a great leadership position in the online wall decor market, which is a multi-billion market in the US alone.

Paul is excited to be working with an already successful company to take them to the next level of performance and growth as part of a board-sponsored re-engineering of the company. Paul’s focus is on:

  • radical product innovation
  • technology vision for 1-3 years horizon
  • platform strategy and open innovation
  • mobile strategy
  • transformation to “technology DNA” company
  • building a significant and valuable patent portfolio
  • digital art

Paul has founded and leads the new Labs project. The current focus is on a new search/discovery engine for wall decor using a blend of computer science and the psychology of color and style perception. He is also working on radical new art concepts.

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