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Naspers is a highly successful multi-national media company based in South Africa. It has substantial stakes in a large number of internet companies across the globe, such as (Russia) and QQ, the leading Chinese IM company.

Naspers holds annual CTO conferences when it brings together the regional business CTOs to cross-fertilise technology initiatives, share roadmaps and explore technological trends and related strategic imperatives.

Unsurprisingly, developing and executing a cogent and solid mobile strategy is essential for any media company. Naspers is no exception and already has various strategic mobile interests and projects underway, including the frequently overlooked area of security.

Also unsurprisingly, when a major corporate conglomerate needs to be sure that its grasp of the mobile landscape is sufficient to compete and win in a global marketplace, contributing to shareholder value, they turn to one of the world’s most notable experts in mobile ecosystems – Paul Golding.

After an initial consultation session with the group CTO, Paul was invited to Istanbul to participate in the 2011 conference and to give an intensive mobile ecosystems briefing. These sessions are typically high intensity and designed to impart the maximum amount of expert insight and trend analysis in a short space of time, commensurate with a high-energy compact conference that is result-focussed.

The session was well received and led to an extensive Q&A session with questions of direct interest to participating CTOS, eager to solve real problems and opportunities in their local markets.

An edited version of the briefing slides can be seen below.


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