World Class Speaker

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World Class Speaker

Paul Golding is a renowned keynote speaker who challenges audiences with his insightful and provocative tours of technology.

He has spoken at numerous conferences and events across the globe, including San Francisco, London, Orlando, Istanbul, Dubai, Marrakech, and lots more.

He is often invited to “set the scene” with overviews of mobile technology and mobile ecosystems, which are areas of focus, having spent 21 years in the mobile and Web industry. In addition to keynote and conference events, Paul is invited to give technology insights presentations to corporate audiences as part of a consulting or mentoring engagement. These sessions sometimes align with the publication or content of one of Paul’s books.

Karl Good
Paul is a very stimulating + insightful public speaker + certainly managed to explain complex concepts in a concise and simple manner.
Karl Good Apple Inc.
Ajit Jaokar
There are very few consultants/technolgists I would recommend more highly than Paul in the Mobile data industry. His depth and breadth of knowledge in this sphere is phenomenal.
Ajit Jaokar FutureText Publishing.



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