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Paul is passionate about education and the future of education. He takes an interest in various technology programs geared towards education and believes in building a better world of confident and competent young individuals who can reinvent our economies.

He believes that learning a computer language is as important as learning a second language, if not more so. To that end, he is busy designing a course for teaching kids to think “computationally.”

Paul has three children who are home-schooled for “knowledge renaissance” reasons, focussing on creativity and independent learning. They were initially educated using the Montessori approach and then, for a while, a “Classical Education” framework. The current approach remains a fairly eclectic hybrid of these methods plus a large online component via Stanford University’s Online High School, which is an innovative distance learning program for kids, and the widely respected Open University.

To be clear, and give credit where it is due, Paul’s wife, Irzana, is the engine of the home education project (and the family). She has a maths degree and used to be a qualified Kumon instructor, so naturally Kumon has also taken a prominent role in the education program.

Paul’s kids all use the wonderful Khan Academy.

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